ℹ️ About 🍦.11ty.js

What makes 🍦.11ty.js the 🕚 Eleventy starter project of your dreams 💭?

This project takes a fair amount of inspiration from the eleventy-base-blog by @zachleat and the Hylia starter kit by @hankchizljaw 🙌 (+ ☝️).

But this project differs from all other existing blog starter projects—built with Eleventy or otherwise—in one crucial respect:

It’s all 🍦 vanilla JavaScript.

this flavor of Eleventy means:

Your client-side scripting language === your server-side scripting language === your template language) !== framework required

Let that sink in for a moment … for the first time in the history of the Internet (or JavaScript, which are basically the same histories) that ☝️ conditional statement can evaluate to true!

That’s the power of Eleventy JavaScript Templates.

⏱️ Faster build times

@eleven_ty told @davatron5000 that *.11ty.js templates process fastest

🚧 Lower barrier to entry

One fewer language to write === one fewer language to learn in order to get started.

🤯 Lower cognitive overhead

One fewer language to write === one fewer language to improve your skills.

🧹 Lower technical debt

One fewer language to write === one fewer language to maintain for the lifecycle of a project.

🕰️ More resilient code

Templating languages come and go, but according to Atwood’s Law, they’ll all be written in JavaScript eventually.

🔓 Unlocked potential for your content

Templating languages are inherently limited in their scope and the kind of content creation that is available to you.

But the only major limit to JavaScript templates is your imagination.

Now, I mean no disrespect to someone else’s (formerly?) preferred templating languages. Their creators, maintainers, and communities have helped advance web development in significant ways. But none of those creators had Eleventy when they developed those templating languages …

… you do! So why not turn Eleventy up a notch!